Branding Marketing Consultancy (Analytics)

Company:Multinational Technology Company

Location: Shanghai

Job Description

1.Provide branding marketing consultancy for our clients with a particular focus on quantitative analysis where the concepts of segmentation, targeting,positioning, customer life value as well as relevant analytical tools are frequently used to support the quality of our work.

2.Conduct brand equity and post marketing campaign analysis.

3.Be responsible of problem recognition issue investigation data analyzing interpreting reporting and generating of powerful insights for consultancy.

4.Contribute significantly to the formation of branding marketing strategy where planning conceptualization and post delivery analysis is essential to your role.

5.Communicate consulting outcome effectively to the internal team to ensure a smooth delivery of projects.

6.Conduct high quality and actionable market research when it is required.

7.Actively learn about our clients and its industry to generate insights that will be highly applicable for marketing strategy.

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